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Attn: Traders Who Are Not Yet Achieving Consistent Results...
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Dave Aquino’s remarkable approach to trading is designed to help you establish a solid foundation so you can achieve more profits by trading less… It only requires 30 minutes a day and many increase their potential for consistency after just 3 months.
Most traders are not profitable. Depending on which source you consult, between 80% to 95% of traders are not consistently profitable.
This aligns with my own personal research and studies I’ve conducted on the 5,000+ traders I’ve worked with over the last 13 years. I’ve found that only about 10% approach trading correctly… and no surprise, it’s these same 10% who are consistently profitable. Before I share with you the common behaviors, methods and traits that the 10% possess, let’s first look at the #1 reason most traders struggle.

Why Most Traders Fail To Make Money
I don’t do much one-on-one coaching anymore. I did a lot back in the day but I’ve since hired a couple exceptional trading coaches, with proven track records (I’ll introduce them below), to coach our members.
But back when I was coaching beginner and intermediate traders, those who had been trading between 3 to 7 years and who had accounts under $500k, I would start off by asking a series of questions.

These questions helped me quickly identify their symptoms -- and those symptoms were clues to their root problem that stood between them and profitability.

I’ll ask you some of those same questions...

Do you try to focus on too many setups?

Are you making emotional decisions about trades instead of following a clear process?

Do you use new untested techniques instead of the one or two reliable ones you know?

Do you keep cutting your winners short and letting your losers run?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions then you’re likely suffering from what I call Trading ADD!

What Is Trading ADD?
Trading ADD is the inability to stay focused on the essential trading fundamentals, resulting in chronic stress, shrinking accounts and if not corrected, can cause people to whipsaw from course to course, indicator to indicator and guru to guru... constantly searching for that holy grail - the “silver bullet” that will suddenly make them profitable!

This lack of focus is the root of all other issues traders face.

For example, when you lack focus and continue to jump around it’s impossible to develop confidence. That’s because you know deep inside you’re not really operating from a solid foundation.

This lack of confidence makes you afraid to pull the trigger and buy when you need to. I’ve watched traders do this even though trades were within the parameters they set and even though they’re sure that 80% of the time the trades will go their way!
I know, it doesn’t make sense. But that’s how fear works. It’s not logical. It’s an emotional liability you have when you lack confidence.

Remember, this is just one example symptom of the root problem: Trading ADD.

And if you don’t treat it, it will plague you for the rest of your trading career.

I’m dead serious.

I’ve seen people waste entire decades of their lives constantly searching for that mysterious technique or method that will make them millions.

And yet they’re still not profitable!

That’s not just sad -- it’s unhealthy. That’s because we’re talking about real money. Money most traders can’t afford to “gamble” with. People burn through their nest egg, it causes unnecessary marital stress and it brings a tremendous amount of shame as people discover how much money the trader has lost.

So what’s the answer? How do you avoid this trap that 90% of traders fall into?

The antidote is not some new secret trickery or wizardry that most gurus promote… the reality is if you want to become a trader who is consistently profitable… someone who can do this full-time and make a great living at it… then you must BECOME a different type of trader altogether.

You Must Become An Essentialist Trader
 To Become Consistently Profitable

The opposite of Trading ADD is Trading Essentialism.
An Essentialist Trader is someone whose thoughts and actions are guided by the principle of “less but better.”
It’s about going deeper, not wider. Choosing depth over breadth.

It’s about a paradigm shift every serious trader must experience to break free from how most traders think so they can operate at a higher level.

And it all starts with a decision.

A decision to say NO to the hundreds of trading strategies, techniques and methods out there. And say YES to the few styles you can be absolutely sure work - then invest heavily in those.

Every time I see a trader make the decision to become an Essentialist Trader I get so excited for them! I usually get more excited then they do because they really have no idea how important this decision is.

They suspect it’ll be good… but the results they’ll likely begin to experience go way beyond what they ever dreamed was possible.

And who can blame them?

All they’ve known up to that point have been periods of success followed by periods of decline. 

They really have no frame of reference for what it’s like to make tens of thousands of dollars off a single trade. They have no idea what it’s like to make $20,000 to $40,000 a month trading just a few hours a day. 

And they have no idea what it’s like to be a focused trader, who operates according to a proven system that allows them to be CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE. 

However, once their “new normal” sets in and they realize this isn't lucky streak - but a whole new level of competence - then they realize why I got so excited when they made the decision to become an Essentialist Trader. It really changes everything!

I have so many stories I can tell you of traders who have experienced this transformation. People like Dave Glissmeyer.

From 60 Trades a Day With a 20% Portfolio Loss, To
 5 Trades a Day and Being Profitable Within 4 Months.

Before Dave joined Base Camp Trading he was placing over 60 trades a day, was on every newsletter you could imagine and was constantly jumping around, trying to focus on too many setups. He had a classic case of Trading ADD.
As a result, he had lost 20% of his $500,000 account in just two years! He came to us skeptical, discouraged and on the verge of quitting.

But he decided to give this whole be-an-essentialist-trader idea a shot. He was introduced to our "Less But Better" strategy (more on that below) and decided to establish a solid foundation by mastering Price Action first. Instead of spreading himself thin, he decided to focus all his energy into identifying the right setups within Price Action.

Instead of making 60 trades a day he made five. In month one he learned to simplify. The next month he mastered The Core 4 Trading Styles. And by month three he was consistently profitable… then it hit him that this really does works - and that this was his new normal.

Dave wrote us a letter saying, “Life is much better now. It’s still hard work and still requires discipline. But now when I trade my stomach isn’t in knots like it used to be. When I make a trade I’m calm and not afraid to pull the trigger like I used to.”

Do You Want To Maybe Hit A Home Run
Sometimes Or Hit Singles & Doubles Each Week?
I realize some of you have been trading for years and haven’t been profitable yet. So I understand if you find it hard to believe stories like Dave’s. It’s ok to be skeptical -- in fact you should be! There’s so many programs and trading rooms out there that promise the moon but fail to deliver. So it’s good to be skeptical when you read about this stuff.
However, the reason this approach works, the reason so many traders have switched to Base Camp Trading and cancelled all their other memberships is because we’re not promising “home runs” -- we’re focused on helping you hit singles and doubles.

It’s a much more systematic way to trade. Our goal is to get our members to be the best in the industry at those things everyone else takes for granted. Those tried and true basic principles that we’ve used ourselves for the last 15+ years.

The crazy part of all of this is that you can literally learn how to do this in 30 days or less. Of course you won’t be perfect at it after that... but if you watch the training videos, attend the webinar, read the articles, and see how our approach is applied in real life in our live trading rooms... then you’ll become competent enough to use them to identify profitable setups. 

Hear From Current Clients 
30 Days from Today This
Could Be Your New Reality
Imagine where you could be 30 days from today… You log in to the live trading room and watch one of our trading coaches give the daily market update video. As you look at the market you’re focused on you filter everything through the ONE style you’ve decided to master.
You spend about 45 minutes making 5 trades and then you’re done. You spend the next 45 minutes learning more about the trading style you’re mastering and then you’re done for the day. You walk away from your computer in a completely different frame of mind than you used to before you became an Essentialist Trader. You feel calm, cool and relaxed -- even though you just made some powerful plays in the market.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for then click the button below now to enjoy a 30-day Platinum Membership for only $7. After that it’s only $97 a month if you sign up now (normally $147/month).

Meet the Base Camp Trading Coaches

Drew Day
Founding Partner

Drew Day is founder and president of MicroQuant LLC, and Base Camp Trading, an international speaker and 16+ year hedge fund veteran. He has been involved with trading and portfolio management for more than 15 years. Drew focuses on trading the global futures markets, following a systematic, low-leveraged and highly-diversified trading regiment.

As a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA,) he traded 40 individual futures markets across eight different sectors. Drew has been a featured speaker at Bloomberg Markets in London and New York, and is featured as an industry expert on managed futures in A Visual Guide to Hedge Funds. Drew holds a BSBA in entrepreneurship.

Thomas Wood
Partner Head of Futures Trading

Thomas Wood is a partner and the head of futures trading at MicroQuant, LLC and Base Camp Trading. He brings extensive experience to our team, having developed an interest in trading at 14 years old. Thomas has also been a hedge fund manager, systems developer, and develops multiple trading strategies for our company and our membership.

Throughout his career Thomas has had the opportunity to be a partner in, and manager of, a hedge fund. He’s worked with thousands of traders ranging from multibillion dollar funds, to retail traders trading a couple thousand-dollar accounts. Thomas holds degrees in finance, economics and marketing.

Dave Aquino
Partner and Head of Options Trading

Dave Aquino is a partner and head of stocks and options trading at MicroQuant, LLC and Base Camp Trading.

Dave brings over 20+ years of real-world professional money management experience having worked as a broker for Merrill Lynch and a Senior Portfolio Manager for Vanguard Asset Management, where he specialized in overseeing the daily portfolio management of ultra-high net worth family office clients holdings in equities and options. Dave is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Here’s What You Get When You Join!
The Core 4 Trading Style Courses: On-demand training courses on the only 4 Core Styles you need to know if you want to make money trading. There are videos, articles and audio recordings to help you learn how to identify the setups in each style. Once you master these you’ll know everything you need to know to increase your profit potential.  

Live Trading Room (Futures & Forex and Stocks & Options): You’ll get access to both Live Trading Rooms. One focuses exclusively on Futures and FOREX. The other is all about trading stocks and options. Look over the shoulder of our trading coaches as they make live trades with real money accounts. You’ll also get to see how the Core 4 Trading Styles are used to make live trade setups. ($294/month Value)

Daily Member Videos: Each day you’ll get access to two new trading videos: a Morning Market Recap and a Nightly Video Newsletter. These videos feature analysis and commentary on important developments in popular Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX markets. These Daily Trading Videos also feature important trade setups, longer-term outlooks, developing price patterns, and tips and best practices used by professional traders. ($194/month Value)

Weekly Outlook Trading Plan: The Base Camp Trading Weekly Outlook gives you a bird’s-eye view of the market in 10 minutes or less. Every Friday night you’ll get up to speed with long-term outlooks on markets for the week ahead. This video gives weekly and daily setups for swing trades and can give directional bias for the following week. Thomas Wood covers Futures and FOREX markets while Dave Aquino will post setups for Equities and Options trades. ($97/month Value)

Private Member-Only Chat Room 24/7: Never trade alone again! Enjoy access to our private, members-only chat room. Have a question about the markets? Want to get a second-opinion on a setup before you enter in? Just post your question and get helpful replies from our coaches and members. You can also celebrate the wins your fellow members are getting as well as post some of your own. It’s a great community! ($47/month Value)

Live New Member Orientation: This video is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. We encourage you to watch this as soon as you sign up so you can see how to get the most out of your first 30 days. After watching this you’ll have a solid understanding of what’s included in your membership and what to do next.

Total Value = $632/month value for just $97/month!
Platinum Membership Benefits
All This for Just $7 for 30 Days
We’re offering a 30-day trial to our Platinum Membership for just $7. So you can pay $7 and learn all the following in the next month:
  •  Why some traders are consistently profitable... so profitable it actually makes you mad! This little known information could make you millions.
  •  Flash-learn any trading style you wish, even absorb whole styles in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, also learn how to quickly identify the right setups in those styles.
  •  7 questions that reveal “leaks” in your setups — ask these before you enter a trade, fix them, and it WILL increase your profit potential.
  •  How to spend less time in front of your computer trading each day. Best times to be at your desk. And how to setup and respond to trade alerts.
  •  The simple 4-step formula that even a brand new, part-time trader can use to identify setups that could be 10 times more profitable than your normal trades.
  •  What most traders we coach TOTALLY screw up. This is the clarion call of a rank amateur trader - and completely unacceptable if you want to do this full-time.
  •  You don't have time to be a profitable trader. Wrong! Find out how you can learn to increase your profit potential trading just 30-60 minutes a day.
  •  The three top myths about trading (why trading educators and gurus want you to believe the path to success is way more complicated than it really is).
  •  How to kick your bad trading habits and embrace a whole new way of trading that's built on a solid foundation… all in just 30 days.
  •  The crazy simple method you can use to identify high-quality setups... it's so simple any beginner trader can master it within days.
  •  The single fastest, easiest, and best way of trading the markets so you can learn to increase your consistency.  
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